AT6 Rack-mount 100V Attenuator + A/B Source Switch 6 x 30W

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AT6 Volume Attenuator + A/B Switcher 100V 6 x 30W

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Connect an AT6 to one or two 100V amplifiers to provide a 6-zone volume and source solution for multi-room installations. Housed in a 1U rackmount enclosure, the AT6 has six output channels, which can feed up to 30W to one or more 100V speakers. Each channel has a rotary volume switch, on/off switch and an A/B source switch. When connecting 2 amplifier outputs to the AT6, one amplifier becomes input A and the other input B, so that each channel can have an independent choice of audio source and output level. 24V terminals can be connected to an emergency control panel for global muting. A completely passive and cost-effective add-on to convert single output amplifiers into a flexible zoning system.

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